Psychology and neuroscience research offer rich guidance for teachers. Alas: that research can be quite difficulty to understand.

The solution? These books organize neuroscience and psychology findings into clear and sensible topics. And, they offer specific classroom strategies that put the research to work.

Learning Begins: The Science of Working Memory and Attention for the Classroom Teacher

Learning Begins opens with the science of working memory—an essential cognitive capacity where all school learning starts.

Learning Begins explores core scientific findings about working memory, and then provides strategies to help teachers anticipate, recognize, and solve the WM problems that inevitably arise in classrooms.

Section II explores the vital topic of attention.

Decades of research divides attention into three distinct processes: alertness, orienting, and executive attention.

When teachers focus on these neural processes, we can easily anticipate and solve seemingly-intractable problems. The result: a classroom of focused and thoughtful students.

Learning Grows: The Science of Motivation for the Classroom Teacher


Learning Grows explores the vexing question of student motivation.

Although psychologists sheepishly admit that classroom motivation has long eluded their research, two approaches have shown genuine benefits over recent decades.

By understanding the forces the demotivate our students, we can refocus our energy on fostering motivated students within a motivating environment.

The research explored in Learning Grows is both controversial and widely misunderstood. And yet, once correctly understood, it invites students to explore vital challenges in school and in themselves.

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