Translate the Brain has carefully developed presentations linking neuroscience, psychology, and education for a variety of audiences: teachers, students, and parents.

All of these talks bridge the daunting gulf between the complexities of research and the practical needs of learning and teaching…and all aim to be memorable, practical, and even humorous.

Photo: Loomis Chaffee Archive

Photo: Loomis Chaffee Archive

 For Teachers:
Professional Development

By organizing recent research into five vital topics, these workshops make brain science clear and immediately useful for teachers and academic administrators.


For Students: A user's guide to the teenage brain

Help your students understand the science behind their learning, and the practical strategies that yield more knowledge in less time. (No, really...)

For Parents: A Parent's guide to the teenage brain

These talks help parents understand the science behind memory formation, the development of adolescent emotions, and the impressive benefits of a Growth Mindset.