Workshops and presentations
— based on neuroscience and psychology — 
for teachers, students, and parents.

Photo: Loomis Chaffee Archive

Photo: Loomis Chaffee Archive

For Teachers:
Professional Development

Translate the Brain makes brain science clear and immediately useful for teachers and academic administrators. 

FOR Students & PareNTS:

These lively and informative talks help students — and their parents — understand what happens inside their heads as they learn.


Upcoming Workshops

The Brain Science Behind
Summer Camp Learning:
Working Memory

American Camp Association
Feb 20-23, 2018

Inspiring Campers with a
Growth Mindset:
What Brain Research Tells Us
About Motivation

American Camp Association
Feb 20-23, 2018

Teaching the Teenage Brain
Learning and the Brain 1 Day Seminar
Boston, MA
April 20, 2018

A Teacher's Guide to the Learning Brain
Learning and the Brain Summer Institute
Boston, MA
July 16-20, 2018

recommended Resources

Need a place to start or to expand your knowledge of the field? These books and articles will expand your horizons.


We had Ted Sizer here once; I would equate that experience with Andrew’s talk
in magnitude of its significance and value to me. “
— Teacher, St. Mark's School

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