What People are Saying 

Andrew has worked with the faculty at St. Paul's as well as with the entire student body, and every time he has been spectacular. He has the ability to change gears, or change styles of presentation, to connect well with whatever the audience. He engaged our faculty to consider how they approach their teaching, and why. He engaged our students to think about how and when they learn, as well as giving them advice, developed with the teenage brain (and skepticism) in mind, as to why they learn in these ways. We look forward to his next visit.

Lawrence Smith, 
Academic Dean, St. Paul’s School


We had Ted Sizer here once; I would equate that experience with Andrew’s talk in magnitude of its significance and value to me. They have been my two favorite professional development talks in 16 years here. Andrew is such a clear, thoughtful, engaging and appealing presenter and teacher.

Teacher, St. Mark’s School

In our department meeting later in the day, we all mentioned how impressed we were by your presentation. Some people commented that they went into the meeting hoping that you would just be "painless," but that they left feeling invigorated. You did a great job with a potentially tough crowd.

David Oxton, Fine Arts Department Chair, and Photography teacher


Andrew’s presentation to our Language Department was thought-provoking; he confirmed many of our theories and also gave us new challenges as foreign language teachers.  The presentation itself was rich in clear illustrations and motivating exercises. Thanks for helping us better understand the complex learning process in which are students are engaged!

Courtney Carey
Loomis Chaffee Language Department


After listening to your talk, I began by putting my phone under my bed, far away from my desk, and avoiding going on facebook, ESPN, youtube, etc. I also refrained from listening to music. As a result, I finished my homework in one hour. Only one hour! And it’s junior year. After this one night, I have continued to employ these methods to great success; for the most part I find myself getting around 8 hours a night, a good amount of sleep for the hectic life of a high school junior. I encourage other students to at least give these methods of keeping distractions away and not multitasking a chance because in all honesty, they just work. And who doesn't want more sleep?

With student council and as a prefect, I am trying to encourage others to give these methods a try so that they can see for themselves the benefit of changing study habits. Thank you so much for helping me get more sleep!

Kevin, Student


Andrew Watson gets kids and gets how their brains work best.  A lifelong educator, Andrew is passionate about helping other educators understand what he understands about teaching and learning. Working with him will help your faculty synthesize that knowledge and take it back into the classroom so they can do their best work.

Laura Danforth
Head of  School, The Masters School


Andrew was my English teacher 15 years ago. I remember him vividly to this day. He is unforgettable in the classroom: dynamic, passionate about what he does, and filled with wit, intelligence, and a generosity of spirit that make you sit up in your chair. He made Shakespeare magical; he made grammar fun. Andrew Watson is the sort of teacher every student secretly hopes to have: the sort who will inspire you to do better.

Maya Shanbhag Lang
Former Student, author, The Sixteenth of June


The eloquence of Andrew Watson as a speaker is rivaled only by the amazing ability that he has to make a real and lasting connection with his audience. Watson is a dynamic and engaging speaker whose intelligence and thoughtfulness are so clearly evident in his skills of oration.

Dr. Jennifer Ho
Associate Professor, English & Comparative Literature
UNC Chapel Hill


Andrew Watson has a remarkable ability to be thoroughly informed, thoughtfully entertaining, and tremendously skilled in his ability to impart difficult information in ways that lead to both understanding and application. I have heard Andrew speak several times and would be more than happy to hear him again should the opportunity arise.

D. Barnes Boffey, Ed.D.
Former Director, Dartmouth College Teacher Preparation Program


Andrew possesses the rare combination of skills that make him a truly exceptional teacher and speaker. He has the theatrical flair to turn every convocation speech into an event that generates excitement and enthusiasm. He communicates ideas clearly and coherently, drawing the audience in with pertinent and engaging examples, and never losing track of the trajectory of his argument.  Andrew can captivate audiences of highly distractible students as well as jaded adults. His is a unique talent, legitimately earning every standing ovation that he has received.

Dr. Alice Baxter
former Dean of Faculty at Loomis Chaffee


Great orators, like great actors, share one conspicuous trait: they make something incredibly hard look effortless.  Andrew Watson, a natural entertainer, can dazzle you with his wit, move you with his anecdotes, wow you with his insights, compel you with his compassion, and disarm you with his charm.

Jeff Scanlon
Director of the Loomis Chaffee Summer School


At Concord Andrew has a reputation as one of those “teachers who make you think...hard.”  At semester's end an advisee of mine said—with wonder in his voice—"I look back over the semester and I can't believe how much we learned.  And the miracle of it is that Andrew didn't tell us what to think.  In some way he got us to generate it on our own."

Sandy Stott
former Dean of Faculty at Concord Academy